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How to Fix Dehumidifier Overheating Issues

Your Dehumidifier can be very hot, or it may blow hot air. Whatever it is, this article will give you instructions on how to fix these dehumidifier overheating issues.

Your dehumidifier is like your other electronic appliances. It can have a problem and also need some repair or maintenance. It also can be hot after a long time being active. These are not anything abnormal. But, Sometimes, problems like dehumidifier overheating issues can occur more frequently. In this case, you need to be careful.

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Why My Dehumidifier is Blowing Hot Air or It is Being very Hot?

If your dehumidifier becomes hot or blows hot air, it is normal. But, If the amount of heat is very high, it is a real problem.

There might be various reasons for this problem. Here are the most common ones:

  • Your Dehumidifier is lacking proper maintenance
  • The dehumidifier hasn’t been placed properly
  • It has been very old
  • It is dirty inside
  • You are not using the appropriate dehumidifier
  • It is not being used properly

These are some common reasons why your dehumidifier is blowing too much hot air or becoming very hot. If you can take care of these reasons, you may easily get rid of this problem.

How to Fix Dehumidifier Overheating Issues

What you should do when you are facing this problem depends on the situation. However, If you look at these key points and follow the necessary suggestions, you may be able to fix dehumidifier overheating problem in your home or office.

1. Check If You are Using a Proper Dehumidifier or Not

Before going through the maintenance manuals, you should ensure if you are using the right dehumidifier or not. As your primary steps, you can check the following things:

Is it Suitable for Your Room Temperature?

Most dehumidifiers are designed to work at 65°F(18.33°C) or above room temperature. If the temperature is below this scale, it may cause the coil to get too cold and compressor over-heating issue. As a result, it will blow hot air, and at last, permanent damage may occur. There are some models available for low temperatures. You can consider using them to get rid of this situation.

There are many other factors like humidity, environment, etc. that may make your current dehumidifier obsolete in your home. To learn more, you should read this article: Different Type of Dehumidifiers and Which one You Need?

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2. Place Dehumidifier in Proper Location

I believe you have placed your one in an appropriate location. But, If not, it may be a reason why you are facing an overheating problem. To remind you, a dehumidifier should have minimum space around it for airflow. It can’t be restricted by anything like your wall, wooden cabinet, or anything.

3. Use Correct Settings

There are many modern dehumidifiers that have various features. Some of them give you a lot of flexibility in settings. However, Tweaking anything incorrectly cause discomfort.

Humidity level setting is the most common one where most users do mistake. And it is one of the biggest reasons behind dehumidifier over-heating problem. Normally, An automatic mode adjust its settings according to the surrounding weather. But, If you set the humidity level to low, it will make the dehumidifier work more for a long time even when you don’t need it. As a result, it will be hot and also blow hot air.

So, Before making any changes to the settings, make sure you are doing the right thing specially if you are a new user.

4. Clean Inner Parts Carefully

If you have done the above things correctly, it may be time to look inside. You often should clean the dehumidifier. Otherwise, it may create overheating problems, stinking issues, etc.

While cleaning, you should clean the fan, grill, coil specially the cooling coil carefully. If you are not familiar, you can call someone how know about it. If you can clean most parts properly, you may get relief from dehumidifier over-heating issue.

5. Filter Replacement

Many dehumidifiers come with a reusable filter. Sometimes, You need to replace it as it is also considered one of the reasons behind the overheating issue.

6. Other Part Replacement and Maintenance

As the dehumidifier is an electric device, various internal part faults can lead it to blow hot air or make it too hot. It may be the thermal plate or humidity sensor or compressor or anything. So, You should check it by yourself or call a technician. Any internal faults also may lead it to cause fire like other electronics.

Basically, these are things you can take care of if the dehumidifier is being very hot or blows hot air. If you know any other useful info or technique, you can let everyone know in the comment box.

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