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When Dehumidifier Worsens Mold Problem? Any Solution?

Is your dehumidifier creating more molds rather than killing? This article explains when it happens and how to get rid of it.

Your dehumidifier is supposed to kill molds and give you a fresh home environment. But, Sometimes, It does the opposite if anything goes wrong. If you notice that your dehumidifier is worsening the mold growth problem, you should be extra careful. To get rid of this situation, you must find out the reason.

Dehumidifier and Mold

Why My Dehumidifier is Causing more Mold Growth?

There are multiple facts that work behind dehumidifier mold exposure problem. The most common reasons are-

  • Using dehumidifier in wrong way
  • Not using appropriate dehumidifier
  • Not cleaning dehumidifier
  • Ignoring root cause of mold problem

There may be other reasons. But, These four are the main things that make your dehumidifier worsens the mold situation. As a result, you may face dehumidifier spreading bad smell problems too.

When Dehumidifier Worsens the Mold Problem?

The answer is already given. When any of the reasons mentioned above is valid, the dehumidifier mold problem will appear. Your dehumidifier can reduce humidity and stop the growth of mold. But, When the humidity is out of control for any reason, the dehumidifier will not help. Besides, if you are not using the right dehumidifier or using a problematic one, it may be a source of mold by itself.

Also, there are dry infectious molds and fungus, your dehumidifier won’t be able to kill them. It will just make the situation worst if other precautions aren’t taken.

Dehumidifier Mold 1

How to Get Rid of Dehumidifier Mold Growth Problem

If you are already facing this problem, it’s time for a solution. But, Which methods you will follow depend on how you are facing this problem. Anyway, Let’s see what you can do when your dehumidifier starts worsening the mold situation.

1. Look Inside the Dehumidifier and Clean

This is the primary task you will have to complete to get rid of dehumidifier mold problem. A dirty dehumidifier can be the root of the mold problem. So, Have a look inside your dehumidifier parts, water tank. If you find it dirty and moldy, clean it properly. In fact, You should regularly clean a dehumidifier. Otherwise, It will increase mold growth rather than killing it.

2. Remove the Extreme Source of Mold

If your basement or any room is already too much moldy, a dehumidifier won’t help much. And also, sometimes, it may worsen the condition. If this is the case, find out what is causing the mold growth in your room. It may be a small water leakage or anything that is making the environment wet and poachy.

After removing the root cause, you can use an appropriate dehumidifier.

3. Don’t Keep Your Dehumidifier Off for a Long Time

If you are not using your dehumidifier enough, what’s the point of buying it? Yes, A dehumidifier can be extremely noisy. So, Some people may keep it off most of the time. But, It helps mold growth inside your dehumidifier and also in your room.

4. Monitor Humidity Level of Indoor

Inside your home, there should be a consistent humidity level. It changes. It can be high and low depending on the season. You should have idea about the humidity level of your home. Some dehumidifier comes with built-in sensor that can detect humidity level. Knowing this humidity level helps you to understand when to use a dehumidifier and when not. It also helps to avoid mold growth problem.

5. Use Appropriate Dehumidifier

It is the last but most important thing. You must know what you are doing. Using a wrong dehumidifier won’t help and do harm. There are specific dehumidifiers for cold, humid, warm, or hot environments. Also, your bedroom dehumidifiers and the ones for the basement are not the same. You should know which type of dehumidifier you need. Using the appropriate one will not create problem and help you with a mold free environment.

Basically, these are the things you can consider doing if you see your dehumidifier is worsening mold situation or mold is growing inside it. If you know any other idea that helps in this situation, you can let everyone know in the comment box.

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