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Does a Dehumidifier Make Room Warmer or Cooler? Why?

A question may arise in your mind; Does a dehumidifier make a room warmer or Cooler? To get the answer and relevant information, you can check out this article.

The dehumidifier has been a trendy home appliance in recent years. Especially, In highly humid weather, It helps a lot. But, there are also some misconceptions about dehumidifiers. One of the popular ones is; Does a dehumidifier make my room warm? Or does it make the room cooler?

Does Dehumidifier Make Room Cooler Or Warmer?

There is no straight answer to this question. But, If you want a short answer, it should be; A dehumidifier makes your room comfortable to live in. But, If you want detailed answers, here are they.

Can a Dehumidifier Make Room Warmer?

The question: “Does a dehumidifier add heat to the room or not?” has been a prevalent question among the customers. Let me explain a bit about how a dehumidifier works.

A dehumidifier can makes your room slightly warmer and more comfortable in some situations.

How a Dehumidifier can Make the Room Slightly Warmer:

A dehumidifier works by heating and cooling the air. There are many types of dehumidifiers. They may have different ways to work. The most common thing is; a dehumidifier takes the humid air into it, then cools it until it reaches the dew point. Then, It takes out the moisture from the air and put it into an internal bucket. Then, It heats the dried or less humid air and passes it into your room. In this way, It makes the room weather more comfortable. In the whole process, it may add an unnoticeable or comfortable amount of heat to the air.

Else, Like any other electronic in your home, it also can add a minimal amount of heat. But, If you notice it is over-heating, you can read: How to Fix Dehumidifier Overheating Issue

Can a Dehumidifier Make My Room Cooler?

Another popular question about the dehumidifiers is; Does a dehumidifier cool a room? People have a lot of confusion about it.

Sometimes, A dehumidifier can make a highly humid and warmer room cooler and comfortable.

Dehumidifier With Touch Panel And Humidity Indicator

How a Dehumidifier can Make a Room Cooler:

At first, You should know how a dehumidifier works. I’ve already explained it in the previous part. It works by cooling and heating the air. If somehow, it heats the air less than cooling it, it may cool a room in this way. But, the opposite may happen.

But, Sometimes, You will feel cooler in your room after dehumidifying the air. In some climates, humidity may become extremely high. The high humid air can be warmer. As a result, in the weather report, you will often notice the “feels like temperature” is much higher than the actual temperature. If the air has an excessive amount of moisture, it becomes slow flowing. So, It easily traps heat and microscopic things. If it happens, you will feel uncomfortable. In this type of situation, A dehumidifier may make your room feel cooler than uncomfortably warmer.

Else, If you have air conditioner, a dehumidifier helps it to make the room cooler quickly.


So, there is no direct answer to these questions. A dehumidifier can make your room air cooler or warmer to feel. It totally depends on the weather. But, It never affects the actual temperature. Whatever it does, you will feel comfortable in your bedroom if you have a properly working dehumidifier. You can look at these top 10 best mini dehumidifiers for bedrooms.

Hopefully, this article has answered your question: “Does a Dehumidifier Make Room Warmer or Cooler?” clearly. If you have a better explanation, you can let us know in the comment box.

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