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Air Cooler Vs. Air Conditioner: Which One Is Ideal For You?

In summer, excessive heat can make your life difficult when you are at home. You can have a cooling device to cool down your room or house. But between the air cooler vs. the Air Conditioner, which one is perfect?

Both devices are great for reducing the temperature by a few degrees. But an Air Cooler doesn’t control the humidity, unlike an AC. Both devices have differences in space, energy consumption, and other factors. It makes any user confused about which one to choose.

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You should decide only after learning about the differences between an air cooler and an air conditioner. Don’t worry. We have you covered with all the details you need to know.

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner: Which one to choose?

It’s not really very hard to decide if you can go through some key factors and understand them clearly. Before we dive deep, let’s give you some basic ideas about Air Coolers and Air Conditioners.

Overview Of Air Cooler

modern air humidifier and cooler

The Air Cooler is an electronic device that cools the air by evaporating water. It pulls in warm air from the surrounding environment and passes it through a series of wet pads or filters. 

The water evaporates while passing through the wet pads, causing the temperature of the air to drop. The cooled air is then circulated through the room by a fan.

Advantages of Air Cooler

Before buying anything, you should focus on the advantages it comes with. Let’s see the benefits of air coolers; they will help you make your decision.

  • Air coolers use less electricity than air conditioners
  • It’s a more environment-friendly cooling option as it does not use refrigerants or emit harmful greenhouse gasses.
  • It requires minimal maintenance
  • Many of them are portable; you can carry them with you around the world.

Disadvantages of Air Cooler

Knowing only about the advantages will often lead you to wrong decisions. So, here are the demerits of air coolers that you should know before buying them:

  • In high-humidity environments, air coolers are not very effective
  • Not suitable for large spaces
  • You will always need to ensure a constant supply of water

If you need to remove excess moisture from your room air, check out these best Dehumidifiers for bedrooms.

Is an Air Cooler Good for Health?

Yes, Air Coolers are good for your health. They pull in the fresh air every time and evaporate them. So the air remains fresh and doesn’t get overly dry. It makes the air in your room healthier. It is even a benefit for people with asthma or dust allergy.

That’s not all, though. Air cooler also helps you stay stress-free by keeping the environment cool and comfy. In addition, it improves your sleep quality, which improves your overall lifestyle. 

Why Should You Go for an Air Cooler?

should you buy air cooler

Now that you have learned about both advantages and disadvantages of air cooling systems, then what are you thinking? Should you go for an air cooler? You can go for an air cooler under the following conditions:

  • The humidity in your area is not too high
  • If you have asthma or dust allergy
  • If you have a limited budget
  • You want to save energy

For more information, check out this article: Why should you buy an Air Cooler?

Overview Of Air Conditioners

air conditioner maintenance

Are you already going out to buy your Air Cooler? Wait a moment, champ. You haven’t learned about the merits and demerits of Air Conditioners yet. AC is an electronic device used to maintain the temperature of the air.

It removes heat and moisture from the air and recirculates cool, dehumidified air into the room. Just like the coolers, they, too, have pros and cons.

If you need to cool your bedroom air but don’t want to waste space, check out these best portable Air Conditioners.

Advantages of Air Conditioners

The benefits of air conditioners include the following:

  • Can cool large areas effectively
  • Offer precise temperature control
  • Reduce humidity levels, making indoor air more comfortable
  • Can improve air quality by filtering out dust, allergens, and pollutants
  • Can be operated remotely or through programmable settings for convenience

Disadvantages of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners may have several benefits, but they have their demerits too. Cons of air conditioning are:

  • Expensive to operate
  • Contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and harm the environment 
  • Can lead to dry skin, eyes, and throat
  • Some air conditioning units can be noisy
  • Installing air conditioning units is expensive

If you need to increase moisture in the air, check out these best Humidifiers for bedrooms.

How Long Does Air Conditioner Typically Last

Well, it kind of depends on the owner of the conditioner. Unless you have the habit of losing your temper and breaking down your stuff, then with proper care, an air conditioner can last between 15 to 20 years. That is not a short time; you have to agree on that. 

Why Should You Go for an Air Conditioner?

why do you need portable ac

What do you think? Shall you go for an AC? Let us help you a little more to decide. You should go for an air conditioner under the following circumstances:

  • The temperature in your area gets too high
  • You want to set and maintain a specific temperature
  • There is too much dust, allergens, and pollutants in the air
  • The humidity level is too high in your space
  • You do not have a budget issue

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner: Detail Comparison

Okay, now we are at the climax! You have learned about the pros and cons of Air Conditioning and Air Cooling. But you are still confused, right? Both devices seem to have different advantages. So, let’s compare them together.

Comparison of Cooling Capacity

Air Coolers use a natural process of cooling the air. Therefore, the method is less effective in challenging conditions where the weather is very hot. On average, a cooler can lower the temperature by 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

In contrast, Air Conditioners use refrigeration and compression to cool the air. It is generally more effective in all conditions and can reduce temperatures by up to 15-20 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Maintenance and Longevity Comparison

Both devices require regular maintenance and clearing. If anything gets damaged, the air cooler is less expensive to repair than Air Conditioners. With proper maintenance, you can use both of them for fifteen to twenty years. 

Comparison of Health Benefits

Air coolers are comparatively better for your health than ACs to some extent. They produce you with fresh cooled air, while conditioners use the same air again and again. 

Besides, Air Conditioners make the air dry which causes dry skin, dry throat, and some other problems.

However, AC removes dust, allergens, and pollutants from the air to make the air better for your health. 

Comparison of Electricity Consumption

Air coolers typically use between 150-200 watts of power. And Air Conditioners can use between 900-3,500 watts of power. Clearly, air cooling is a much more energy-saving option. 

Comparison of Humidity Control

Air Conditioners can reduce humidity levels in the air as they use evaporative cooling, while Air Coolers increase the humidity.  AC uses refrigeration and dehumidification.

Noise Level Comparison

Noise level is an important factor. Imagine you are trying to sleep but getting disturbed by the loud noise of your air conditioner. 

AC contains a loud compressor or fan, which makes them noisy and often disturbing. On the other hand, Air Coolers do not have any compressors, so they are much quieter.

Cost Comparison

Air coolers are generally less expensive than Air Conditioners. In addition, the coolers use less electricity, so you have to pay fewer bills. 

Besides, the maintenance costs of AC are higher than Air Coolers. In short, the coolers are more cost-effective. 

Final Words

From the detailed Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioner comparison, you can see that both devices have certain advantages. While the coolers come at a lower price, Air Conditioners come with more features. You can lower the temperature more with an AC, but it will be heavy on your pocket.

Which one is more suitable for you? Only you can decide that. Make a list of your demands and check which device meets them. Feel free to let us know your opinion in the comment box.


Can an air cooler cool a room?

Yes, an Air Cooler can cool a room, but the cooling effect is typically not as strong as An air Conditioner. It is great for a small room. Ideally personal coolers are ideal for 150 – 300 sq. ft of room.

Can an Air Cooler work in a humid climate?

Yes, Air Coolers can work in a humid climate; however, it works best under low-humid weather. If the weather has a high humidity level, the effectiveness of this device decreases. 

How often should I clean my Air Cooler or Air Conditioner?

You should clean the Air Cooler wet pads at least once a month. And for Air Conditioners, you need to clean the filters once every one or two months. If you do not clean them regularly, the efficiency of your machine will decrease. 

Can an Air Conditioner also work as a heater?

Yes, some newer AC models can also work as heaters. These units are called “heat pumps” or “reverse cycle Air Conditioners.” It means you can use your AC as a heater during the winter seasons. 

Is it safe to leave an Air Cooler or Air Conditioner on all night?

Yes, scientists and experts have agreed that it is safe to leave your Air Conditioner or Air Cooler on all night. But it can cause you a huge amount of bills.

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